It's a small world after all.

Those damn spiders stole the key to my room again! Why do I even bother locking the door from the inside? 

Only one thing left to do. It's time to telepathically control my tiny mannequin again! 

I just have to find where those spiders have hidden the key.. Say, doesn't that floorboard look a bit loose?

Team size - 4
Engine - Unreal Engine 4
Time - Roughly 2 weeks
Genre - Third/First Person Adventure/Challenge game
Period - February 2020
Design target  - Creating an adventure game with segmented challenges where you play both as a large first person character that moves the camera, as well as a much smaller third person mannequin that interacts with the environment. The idea is to position yourself in first person, and then switch control to the smaller character to navigate through the obstacles and sections.
Main roles  Level/Content design, Gameplay design, System design
Sub role - Enemy NPC AI design
Discover a world both big and small by shifting from moving as a larger character to controlling a puppet.
My Work
Participated in the overall design of the game in close proximity to my group members until we had a general feel of the different segments of the game and could divide the work up. 
Worked intimately with the gameplay design and overall structure of the puzzles.
Level designed the maze section of the game as well as structured  the overall layout of the bigger room and its segments' locations.

The Maze section opens up after you beat the first stage and make a leap of faith down below.

Worked on navmesh pathfinding logic for enemy NPCs patrolling and stalking behaviours.​​​
Set up save states and checkpoints throughout the level.
Learned to use breakable mesh.
Fixed issues regarding physics by making some physics materials and polishing objects.

Find your way through the treacherous maze. And watch out for the spiders! Some are smarter than you think.

So this was my second group project ever after Astrocracy. I had learned a lot from previous experiences and really worked on getting the group work in order early seeing as we only had two weeks. I liked the flow we had and how we shared the load with one another. I do feel like we worked too much on trying to fix problems instead of finding solutions. If I had done the same work today I probably would have used preferable alternatives instead of spending two days trying to make broken or overly complicated  things work.


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