Ready your speedos.

Well folks, the day has finally arrived! You have gathered to witness the greatest showdown on this (pool)side of the Atlantic! Big mustaches and swelling muscles awaits!

Team size - 6
Engine - Unreal Engine 4
Time - Roughly 2 weeks
Genre - Multiplayer party arena game
Period - March 2020
Design target  - Making a party arena game meant for multiplayer use. Each player controls one of the colored characters dropped onto a trampoline and then propelled into a slippery arena that tilts by weight distribution. Fall into the water and lose a life, last player standing wins. Goal was to have it physics based with mechanics in place to aid the player in knocking their opponents out of the arena.
Main roles Level design, gameplay design, system design, audio design
Sub role - Material and texture design
Throw yourself into a wacky game of push and shove.
My Work
Designed the core gameplay loop.
Did the level design including death boxes, physics objects, and trampolines.
Made most of the sound effects myself and designed the music and sound ques beats.
Did some novice material and texture design to supplement missing artists.

Use the arena to your advantage, launch yourself up into the air and land to see-saw your opponent off.

Blueprinted everything except for the character movement and input from scratch.
For example I made the arena itself, had it react to player movement and weight distribution and stabilize itself as it is floating on water. Also made so it launches players up into the air with a see-saw effect depending on their position.
Blueprinted the trampolines and their shot trajectory and having them react differently depending on the angle of impact instead of just using an impulse physics launch.
Created physics materials for different objects to simulate a wet slippery surface.
Made the winning conditions, point counter, UI, losing conditions and death animations as well as water, and water effects.

Last player standing wins.

This project began in the early days of the 2020 pandemic scare in Sweden, and there was a lot of worry and fear going around. Just a couple days into the project, two of our members caught flu like symptoms and had to stay at home and opt out of the project due to the illness. Just a few days after that two other members also got ill and had to stay at home, unable to work. Despite the conditions, me and another game designed decided to finish the game on our own using the few assets the art team had managed to do until then. We managed to finish the game by release day after several days of grueling late night work. Just knowing, however, that we managed to pull through and make something with all these setbacks was definitely a proud moment for me from that year.


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