Lemon Squeezers


Things are heating up in the town of West Springs! Several gangs have been roaming the streets of this once calm pioneertown and the local law enforcement is starting to get antsy. Rowdy bar fights might keep ‘em busy for a while - but they’re now thirstin’ for something stronger. There’s whispering in the air - it’s all going down at the showdown at noon to determine who’s the quickest draw of the west.

“Lemon Squeezers, or Hammerless Revolvers, are a version of revolvers that were built with the hammer on the inside of the gun, rather than on the outside to ensure that it could be upholstered quickly, fired fast, as well as to be able to conceal it while carrying it.”

Team size - 3
Engine - playingcards.io
Time - roughly 1 week
GenreDueling Card Game.
Period - April 2020
Design target Wild West, Player vs. Player, made for co-operation and betrayal for up to 4 players.
Main contributions -  Gameplay design, content design
Sub contributions - Rulebook, and PnP documents
My Work
Together with my group members, we designed the gameboard, rules, cards, mechanics, point system, winning conditions as well as everything else that went into it. It was my suggestion to make it a western shootout game based on the topic of Lemon Shooter guns that we had received. Because of the interlinked participatory work, it's hard to pinpoint the exact contributions I made, but general work throughout the entire process was common for each group member. We also performed several playtesting and finetuning sessions into our production.
This was my first time making a board game, and I would definitely do it again. The process feels much freer and constrained at the same time. You are limited by the constraints of making a game easy to unpackage and play in a constrained format intended for physical use, however at the same time you are free to design and redesign so many aspects of the game because of the simple tools and adaptability of board game development that it feels liberating now having to worry about losing a huge amount of work.


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