The infernal path.

A Boschian Underworld Odyssey.

Team size - 10
Engine - Unreal Engine 4
Time - Roughly 4 weeks
Genre - Point and Click Puzzle game
Period - September 2020
Design target  - Creating a 3D point and click puzzle game inspired by a Bosch painting depicting the underworld.
Main roles Product director, Gameplay Design, Content Design, Sound design
Sub role General blueprinting
To escape the underworld, you must venture deeper into it.
My Work
Supervised and directed overall workflow between and by group members, and held regular meetings.
Designed the puzzles, gameplay flow, secret and main objectives, narrative beats, character monologues.
Overall audio, Soundtrack, and Sound Effects.
Did a mock up for the game's level design before handing it off to our level designer for polish.
Implemented sounds and mixing through code.
Worked on blueprinting for puzzles, squish and stretch animations, camera perspective based hitboxes for drag and drop, as well as most of the object interactions. 
Solve puzzles along the way to progress.
This was my first major game project where I felt comfortable and prepared for the work. Previous game projects had always had a major learning curve, but for this one the group members and I felt prepared. I was assigned the role of product director, a role I had grown confident in performing, and it was up to me to make sure everyone was doing their work properly and as support in case something needed addressing. I enjoy the leadership role and I feel as if the people that work with me appreciate the effort I put into making everyone feel comfortable and on track. There were some issues regarding group members having clashing schedules, but we managed to complete the work on time.


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