Prophets make Gods

Astrocracy is a 2D Point and Click game where the player follows along and directly acts in a volatile story by manipulating its intrigue and factions. Prepare for inevitable holy war.

Team size - 4
Engine - GameMaker
Time - Roughly 3 months
Genre - Point and Click
Period - January 2018 - April 2018
Design target  - Creating a player driven story in a 2D pixel art format with little to no game development experience.
Main roles World Design, Content Design, Narrative design, Sound design, Team leader and coordinator
Sub role - System Design
Astrocracy concept art. Artist: Danielle Taxén.
My Work
Supervised and directed overall setting,  content, style, and world coherence.
Wrote entire story and dialogue script.
Overall audio, Soundtrack, and Sound Effects
Implemented sounds and mixing through code.
Worked on pathfinding logic for Player and NPC navigation.
Coded NPC animal system, their AI behavior, and interactions with each other/world.
Planning stage story structure and outline
This was the first ever major game project that I worked on. I had previously done some minor solo work before in regards to narrative scripts, world settings, storyboards,  some minor coding, and even a small full length RPG game in Ruby using RPG Maker. However, this was the first time I had worked in a structured group project, coding in a more complex engine, and the first time using a project timeline with a public release in mind.
The greatest benefits I received from working on Astrocracy was the experience I gained in world, gameplay and content design, general codinggroup dynamics and planning a long term project schedule and structure. With group dynamics, I learned much by working as group coordinator. I contextualized my own duties as part of that dynamic and tried to consistently find opportunities to give everyone's ideas the appropriate benefit of discussion and consideration. Our work also provided me with valuable experience in using different project management methodologies like Kanban, Scrum, and Waterfall. In terms of world design, I learned much about world coherence and relevancy when constructing essential and beneficial storytelling, and world elements that compliment one another in a logistical sense. I feel as if this game not only shows my origins into game design, but also a project that at the time was my proudest achievement.


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