"...the influence of the Eastern Roman nation spread into the many different facets of western European life. The renaissance came early, culture persisted - as did the old Roman tradition of spectated combat to the death..."

Team size - 3
Engine - Unreal engine 4
Time - 10 weeks
Genre - Third Person Arena Combat
Period - 12 April 2021 - 18 June 2021
Design target  - Creating a demo with potential growth for a medieval combat arena game.
Main roles Blueprinting, Narrative design, Gameplay/Combat Design, Audio Design
Sub role - Bug fixing, Level Design
The pathway into the arena stage feels foreboding and has a sense of building tension. 
My Work
Worked on overall setting,  content, style, and world coherence.
Designed the gameplay, combat mechanics, and overall structure of the game.
Did all the audio, soundtrack, and sound Effects.
Made, modified, and implemented almost all of the blueprints throughout the project.
Worked on optimization for navmesh, hit detection, movement, gameplay flavor.
Worked on cameras and perspective setup.

The village surrounds the arena and shows off the worldbuilding. The connected lore adds to the experience.

Up until now we hadn't had the opportunity to fully invest and create out of ourselves and our own ideas. With the opportunity to do so in the degree project, me and two other of my classmates decided that we wanted to make a game focused on medieval combat. By this point we were inspired by games such as Mordhau and Chivalry, but only as an origin point for our interests. 
Throughout the project we had daily sprints and iterations that we simply announced to each other and kept track of ourselves. We could afford this luxury due to the small and intimate group we were in and the familiarity we had with one another. I had a lot of fun throughout the process and improved my skills in many aspects of Unreal - mostly blueprinting, but also general functionality and availability of unreal tools and components.

This demo is probably the most impressive, and some of my favorite work I've performed and it shows through the clear improvement to my skills compared to where they were just two years ago. In a group like this where I was left in charge of most of the blueprinting and technical work, I really feel like I stepped up and outperformed my own expectations. This was just the confidence boost I needed to feel fulfilled in my education.


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